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Popaeg Jewellery arose from my passion for creating sparkly things. I began making bracelets and necklaces using an ancient technique called Viking Knit, which has been around since the eighth or ninth century. Eventually I put on my big-girl pants and started using sterling silver and copper. My shop now offers jewellery to suit most budgets, and I work with semi-precious stones, crystal beads, tumble stones and fused-glass cabochons as well as the various metals and wires.

In addition to my online shop I sell my jewellery at re-enactment fairs and events, market stalls, folk festivals and in a number of galleries and craft shops. My interest in medieval history was one of the things that drew me into making jewellery and its fun to run my stall dressed as an Anglo-Saxon woman from time to time.

The name Popaeg means Poppy in Old English or Anglo-Saxon. My nickname (or ekename in Old English, meaning ‘another name’ or ‘also known as’) has always been Poppy, so it seemed an appropriate name for my business.

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